The first meeting of UMC as associate member with Sea Europe officials

As like we announced SEA Europe endorsed the application of the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster as associate member during an extraordinary General Assembly in November and the first meeting with Sea Europe officials (René Berkvens, SEA Europe Chairman, and Christophe Tytgat, Sea Europe Secretary GeneraI) took place on the 17 of January online.

On behalf of the UMC Olena Zhukova, Executive Director, and Artem Vashchylenko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board represented to SEA Europe officials current activities of the Cluster and Maritime Community developments on regional and country level during the 11 month of war in Ukraine, which include support of humanitarian and military needs.

Namely Artem Vashchylenko outlined that notwithstanding constant attacks and some still occupied territories (namely Kinburn) the new Master plan of Mykolaiv region development is being aligned now by Mykolaiv Mayors’ and Governors’ offices with foreign investors from European commission and Dutch government. The plan is focused on the future restoration of Mykolaiv region and in first turn the ruined by missile attacks infrastructure.

Olena Zhukova continued the introduction about UMC projects and initiatives, including 4BIZ and MOK initiatives. She highlighted the facts that civil infrastructure reconstruction is the primary target for local authorities although cluster and industrial community strive to restore economical and industrial potential on the shipbuilding region and ready to make all necessary efforts in this respect. She also thanked Sea Europe for the support and opportunity to be the part of experience and powerful Shipyards’ and Maritime Association of Europe.

Rene Berkvens welcomed UMC as not regular member in Sea Europe and encourages promoting the case of the Cluster at European level and mentioned that the fact that we look in the bright future is worth admiring and following.

Christophe Tytgat introduced Sea Europe main directions of cooperation, note that they do annual analyses of global market and make forecasts, organize thematic events and conferences, proposing to participate in it.

SEA Europe is the voice of the maritime civil and naval technology industries in Europe. It represents the European shipbuilding industry in 15 nations, encompassing the production, maintenance, repair, retrofit and conversion of all types of ships and floating structures, commercial as well as naval, including the full supply chain with the various producers of maritime systems, equipment material, and services. SEA Europe promotes the mutual interests of its member associations, maritime civil and naval technology industries. Is a recognized social partner in the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Shipbuilding.

To conclude, a number of common actions and initiatives were planned for the future and regular meetings of the working group scheduled.

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