UMC Services

Main elements
that distinguish this type of cluster from similar ones

Smart Product & Services

UMC aims to create a new generation of products with high competitiveness and innovativeness that meet the requirements of world markets.

Smart Organization

UMC promotes organizational change of local producers and their collective capacity in the direction of significant improvement of innovation and export potential by:

  • Changes in approaches to solving strategic development tasks;
  • Resolving personnel issues;
  • Solving investment issues
Smart Export

Creating and deploying a wide portfolio of tools to support export activities and internationalization.

Value proposition of the UMC

Use of shared cluster assets

Joint website, joint development funds, joint promotion, joint stands at exhibitions, etc. Thanks to this, each participating firm can save its own money and achieve the set business results much faster.

Exchange of information about new market opportunities

This refers to market analytics, information about new customers and international partners, which provides faster establishing of production and innovation cooperation, as well as international relations.

Synergetic effect in closing the gaps of production cooperation

Value-added chains need to be accounted for and segmented – it is obvious that there are lots of them and the cluster can realize its consolidating role exactly with their support.

Image and reputation growth, joint and individual PR

Due to the UMC cluster, many partners in other regions and the EU can get to know about the cluster members. The provision of information on the market positioning of members will be significantly

Better access to innovation, donor and export resources

Fundraising and innovative brokerage is one of the main service functions to be created in 2021. Cluster members will be able to receive concessional funding, grant support for lots of their development projects.

Improving organization capabilities of each cluster member

Business development rests on people and their skills, as well as other limitations of the organization – imperfect business processes, backward technologies, weak development dynamics, and so on.

Integration and leadership in reg. industrial high-tech development programs

No business, not even a large one, can create an industrial or technopark alone, launch a modern accelerator, Industry Center 4.0, and radically change the personnel situation. But together it is possible by joining forces and with the authorities.

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