Ukrainian Maritime Cluster continues highlighting the activities performed under the 4BIZ project

Ukrainian Maritime Cluster continues highlighting the activities performed under the 4BIZ project (Boosting the Blue Economy in the Black Sea Region by Initiating a Business Collaboration Framework in the field of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Coastal and Maritime Tourism and Maritime Transport). The project is coordinated by the Black Sea Universities Network, Romania and brings together 9 partners directly involved in the implementation Consortium and 17 associated partners from Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Greece and France, including regional development agencies, chambers of commerce, innovative clusters, universities and support organizations. The project is funded by the European Commission, through the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, under the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) program, and has a duration of 24 months. 

The action is part of the initiatives that are willing to support and promote Sustainable Development in the Black Sea area under the frame of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea. In this press-release we would to introduce our 9 project Consortium Partners from Romania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN) is the project coordinator and leader. The Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN) is an initiative aiming the development of a collaborative platform between the universities from the Black Sea Region. The network has the legal status of an international ad-hoc organization and has been established on the occasion of the 2nd Conference of the Black Sea Universities Rectors, held in Constantza between 9th and 12th of July 1998, on the premises of the “Ovidius” University of Constantza, Romania.

The network includes more than 120 member universities from the 12 member states of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization as Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Serbia.

BSUN has the status of Sectoral Dialogue Partner to Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), is in a close cooperation with Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC), is a member of the European University Association (EUA) and a founding member of the UN “Academic Impact” Initiative.

International Center for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) – The ICBSS is located in Athens, Greece. Founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization, the ICBSS has since fulfilled a dual function a) as an independent research and training institution focusing on the wider Black Sea region, and b) as a related body of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and its think-tank.

In its 25 years, the ICBSS has been established as a dynamic focal point for advanced knowledge and capacity-building initiatives in the wider Black Sea region, while enabling stimulating dialogue and effective synergies at both regional and international levels. At the same time, to this day, the ICBSS continues to foster a constructive role within the BSEC Organization, as an active member of the BSEC family.

Galati Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIA Galati) – The Galati Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is an autonomous, non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit-making organization, with legal personality, created in order to represent, defend and support the interests of its members and of the business community in relation to public authorities and bodies in the country and abroad. The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Galati, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, has developed cooperation relations at national and international level with the Chambers of Commerce as well as with institutions and authorities of the local and central administration.

Through these partnerships, as well as through participation in various technical and financial assistance programs of the European Union, the Chamber has developed numerous initiatives of great interest both for the business environment and for the civil society in Galati.

The services offered by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Galati are permanently diversified and perfected, regarding the promotion of international trade, the development of industry and services in a manner that supports companies in the face of the requirements imposed by the competition on the domestic and international market.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) –  Kyiv polytechnic institute (since 2016 – National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”) was founded in 1898. Over the period of its existence it has trained 370 thousand of specialists, 60 thousand of which during of the period of Ukrainian independence.

KPI ranks 4% of the best universities of the world according to the international rating QS and Webometrics.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is one of biggest educational establishments in Europe. It trains 25 thousand of students, postgraduates, doctorates as well as foreign student from neighboring and far abroad countries. Every sixth student of Kyiv city is obtaining the education in KPI and every 25th professor and associate professor of Ukraine is a fellow worker of KPI, among all technical higher educational establishments of the country, every fifth faculty and chair is the faculty of chair of KPI.

Public Union “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster” (UMC) – a legal entity PU “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster” was founded in August 2020 as a result of consolidation intentions of the maritime community of Mykolaiv. Cluster initiative has been signed on the round table held within the framework of European Maritime Day 2019.

Main players of the Ukrainian maritime sector – shipping, shipbuilding, ports and engineering – generate an annual turnover (based on 2019) of € 1,4 billion and create more than 50,000 direct jobs in 1200 companies. The data is taken from the industry overview developed within the project scope. Thus, there is great potential to further unite industry players, grow the number of the members and make an impact on the industrial ecosystem!

Nowadays UMC is a national cluster, which started from Mykolaiv region, expanded to Kherson, Odesa and Kyiv, currently representing Ukraine towards the international maritime community. In July 2022 the number of UMC members was 32 entities, including partner organizations (Ministries, Academia, Mykolaiv City Council, RCCI, military unit etc.) with full and associated type of membership and per MoUs. In August 2022 MoU with UkrSudProm Association was signed, according to which mutual membership will involve about 50 members of Ukrainian Marine Industry.

Batumi State Maritime Academy (BSMA) – During the half-century of its existence, the Batumi Naval Academy played a major role in the development of maritime affairs, not only in Georgia, but throughout the Soviet Union. The school has trained up to 5,000 highly qualified specialists to work in the Navy. Its graduates still successfully work on ocean-going ships under the flags of Georgia and many countries around the world.

On the basis of this authoritative naval academy with great traditions, in the most difficult period of country’s history, by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Georgia, Batumi Higher Naval Academy was established in 1992, which also received the status of Treasury Enterprise – Batumi State Maritime Academy (BSMA).

The Academy promotes the development of various maritime institutions located in the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The proximity to the ports of Batumi, Poti and Kulevi and the Supsa terminal creates good conditions for the students of the academy to receive full-fledged internships at the base of the mentioned ports, at the same time the academy provides them with qualified staff.

Doğu Karadeniz Kalkınma Ajansı (DOKA) – Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA), “In order to accelerate regional development in accordance with the principles and policies stipulated in the national development plan and programs by improving the cooperation between the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations, ensuring the appropriate and effective use of resources and mobilizing local potential, ensuring its sustainability and reducing the differences in development between regions and within the region, the Official Gazette No. 27299 and dated 25.07.2009, The Decision on the Establishment of Development Agencies in Some Level 2 Regions (Artvin, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Ordu, Rize and Trabzon) was established to serve”. The headquarters of the agency is located in Trabzon.

The general coordination of the agencies is carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Development Agencies. The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of the agency; it consists of 22 members including the Governors, Mayors, Provincial General Assembly Presidents and Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Artvin, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Ordu, Rize and Trabzon provinces. The Agency currently carries out its services through the General Secretariat, Corporate and Financial Management Unit, Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, Tourism and Entrepreneurship Unit, Social and Rural Development Unit and Investment Support Offices in 6 provinces.

Marine Cluster Bulgaria (MCB) – Marine cluster Bulgaria is non-government organization consolidating the efforts of all sectors of the maritime economy in Bulgaria. The association acts towards the creation of favorable conditions for development and enhancement of the competitiveness of the blue economy by introducing new organizational, product, market and technological solutions, training, implementation of best practices, as well as for its promotion at national and international level.

Members of the cluster are SMEs, NGOs, educational institutions, research and development organizations. Their activities are directed in different areas of the maritime industry: agency services, brokerage, water transport, ship management, ship supply, logistics; stock control; classification and conventional certification of vessels and floating structures; ship design; ship repair and reconstruction; research and development; education and training in marine engineering trades; maritime law.

Marine cluster Bulgaria is a full member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters and the Association of Business Clusters in Bulgaria.

As a member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters, MCB cooperates with national maritime clusters and their members, participates in the initiatives of the European Commission – Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. The organization has the status “observer” and as such takes part in the Balkan and Black Sea Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions.

Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (ASE Bucuresti) – ASE is the Leader of economic and public administration higher education in Romania and South-Eastern Europe, as confirmed by its key positioning in prestigious international rankings.

ASE has 13 Faculties, whose more than 23,000 students can attend study programs in Romanian, English, French or German: 25 Bachelor’s programs, approximately 75 Master’s programs, Doctoral studies in 10 fields and more than 145 postgraduate continuing education programs.

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is a transparent, competitive, reliable public institution, with strong partnerships with representatives of the economic and social environment, able to pertinently meet the requirements of the labor market. University wishes to address the current challenges to human knowledge and action, by pursuing the following main objectives: the growth and advancement of knowledge; modern student-centered education; social responsibility, manifested in the solutions offered to issues arising in Romanian and European economy.

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is proud to have performed excellently for 110 years, being a leader of economic higher education in Romania and the region. In 2023, it also celebrate 55 years since the election of the current name of the institution – the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

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