Help the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Mykolaiv Defense Cluster

Within the framework of the IOC initiative and for the conservation of personnel potential and support of the marine and shipyard galleys, the Marine Cluster of Ukraine launches a program for the collection of cats for members and partners of the cluster.

Our soldiers on the front line need modern weapons. Every hryvnia brings Ukraine closer to victory!

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Training portable anti-aircraft missile system “Tarantul”
Initiative number: #UMC_01_MOK_2022_MM_01

The training and training portable anti-aircraft missile system “Tarantul” is designed to practice aiming at flying targets with the help of MANPADS “Igla”.

The complex allows:

  • – Work out the algorithm of actions when launching a missile from a MANPADS.
  • – To train MANPADS operators to guide and choose the missile’s flight course.

Amount: EUR 20 000
Remains to collect: EUR 20 000

The SKIFTECH system
Initiative number: #UMC_01_MOK_2022_MM_02

The SKIFTECH system is a personal kit and simulator designed to train soldiers.

With the SKIFTECH system you can:

  • – Practice firing from pistols, machine guns, rifles, grenade launchers, and other small arms.
  • – Train soldiers to neutralize enemy manpower, and low flying targets.
  • – Prepare soldiers for special operations of different difficulty levels, both indoors and outdoors.
  • – Practice the defense of important positions/targets, or actions on enemy positions.
  • – Carry out a detailed analysis of each soldier’s performance and track real-time movements.

Amount: EUR 100 000
Remains to collect: EUR 100 000

Speed boat “Gulfstream”
Initiative number: #UMC_01_MOK_2022_MM_03

The Gulfstream boat is a speed boat made by HDPE for professional use. Technically competently designed Gulfstream boat does not need puttying, painting, is not amenable to corrosion and destruction, does not require maintenance.

It has unlimited service life and suitable for tough daily operation. Its operational characteristics include: zero corrosion provide zero maintenance costs, high impact strength and buoyancy, operating temperature range from -50° to + 130° and resistance to chemically aggressive substances, to “ultraviolet”, to fouling by algae and microorganisms, high speed and fuel economy, dampening noise and vibration.
Such impressive characters of speed boat meet all requirements needed for successful military tasks and security of military personnel.

Amount: EUR 15 000
Remains to collect: EUR 15 000

General needs of Ukrainian army
Initiative number: #UMC_01_MOK_2022_MM_04

Military equipment is not only a weapon and needed skills to use it. Our military also require help with powerful technical equipment at the front and in the back, which includes: equipment, means of protection, communication and intelligence, uniforms, food and medicine. In addition, we help our defenders to restore other resources that have been damaged or destroyed during military actions. Thus, the funds received under this initiative will be spent on general needs, but not on the purchase of weapons and means of destruction. Our priority is the protection of soldiers and assistance in the reconstruction of certain infrastructure buildings in the post-war period.

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