On 18th July 2022 the TIASI «Roundtable Discussion» took place co-hoted by GREEK CHALLENGE & CANADA UKRAINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE online.

The purpose of event were addressing the challenges and prospects of collaboration in the new reality via TIASI. Proposals of TIASI members in Ukraine for short – medium – long term solutions in the sectors each member/participant represents and how Greece, Canada and Ukraine as well Georgia and Cyprus could form a solid partnership at present and future that will enable cross border collaboration in technological, industrial as well academic and social sectors. Aerospace industry, advance manufacturing, ship building, energy and Academia as well solutions for displaced Ukrainians.

This was a non-political roundtable focused on addressing the challenges facing Ukraine, TIASI member countries and the global community at an Academic and SME’s level, related to crossborder joint ventures, investment, legal frameworks and incentives. TIASI members presented initial projects for consideration. Proposed conclusions were considered as a common / joint agenda between Canadian – Greek – Ukrainian Governments.

Among participates of the «Roundtable Discussion» were representatives of Ukraine (Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC), Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, National University  “Odessa Maritime Academy”, Dnipro Space Cluster, Institute of Physics of the NAS of Ukraine, Ukrainian Maritime Cluster, Scientific and Production Incorporation «KLIVER»), Georgia (Batumi State maritime Academy, Georgian Aviation University), Cyprus (Cyprus Space Exploration Organization (CSEO)), Greece (University of the Aegean), Canada (Mohawk College, Downsview Aerospace Innovation & Research (DAIR), Greek Challenge), Sweden (Svensk Energilagring), and Spain (Gecko Renewables).

UMC Director Olena Zhukova, made a speach, noting the following:

Best wishes from Mykolaiv, which is now near the frontline, like many others cities in Ukraine. However, we are continuing our work and thinking about the future of Ukraine and how we can help right now and in the future. I represent Ukrainian Maritime Cluster, it incorporates shipbuilding, ship repair enterprises, which cannot work right now – ship repair is possible unlike of shipbuilding at the moment. We extended our cooperation with Naval Subcluster. Engineering, R&D companies continue their work remotely and services for marine equipment supply now are reviving in supply chains.

Our associates – Mykolaiv City Council participates in our event, helping to connect with international organizations and to understand how we can support Ukraine during this time. Our other strategic partner, Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine also is keeping in contact and reviewing who and how can work in Ukraine.

We have launched our initiative – Mykolaiv Defense Cluster, checking every possibility how life are enterprises, whether their facilities and people can help Ukrainian army.

We are continuing our international cooperation with 4Biz grant project for the Black Sea region development and now thinking of new events in order to help with relocation, education, and startups between Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Ukraine, and identify how our Black Sea partners can help.

And of course, our initiatives, – plans with TIASI to be extended for supporting our University (NUS), which was recently attacked and how we can support all the processes related to education, support our shipyards in maintaining the market and the contracts, and how they can be supported in shipbuilding industry in Europe and in other countries.

We are looking forward for new proposals of internalization, looking for investments and support of our projects in these difficult times.

Based on discussions with the Greek officials, business community and expressed interest in the Diaspora engagement and previous projects and expertise, event hosters presented the joint project with the Greek government and its organizations aimed at support of the Greek Diaspora in Ukraine which has been in the Crimea and Mariupol regions since 7th century B.C. and cooperation between Greece and Ukraine.

A substantial part of the Greek diaspora and professionals who can contribute in development of Greek – Ukrainian economic relation remained at the territory controlled by Ukraine and are willing to stay and work in Ukraine as well as might consider relocation on a temporary of permanent basis, all imports and exports with Ukraine have stopped completely at the moment.


GREEK CHALLENGE & CANADA UKRAINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE suggest three steps for support of this group of vulnerable people:


After establishment of connection with the targeted groups of people to carry out a quick survey on Diaspora engagement in their support. These groups will be targeted both inside Ukraine and outside Ukraine. President of the Ukrainian Greek Diaspora is currently in Greece as well owners of SME’s and industrial stakeholders.


Based on the Sustain Ukraine initiative propose the short term (30-60-90 days) relocation plan as described in the attached presentation via the link.


Based on the Ometria project, establish the compact settlements located at the territories of the communities which provide their land and support for relocation of people from the most vulnerable Eastern regions. Presentation of the project isavvailable via the link. This could happen either in Ukraine or Greece based on decision and location of the targeted groups of people.

All legal and paperwork to be done will be supervised by TIASI.

This project could be implemented due to the close partnership between the next parties:

1) TIASI – supercluster, that is a Canadian led international collaboration and investment platform (Meta Cluster) for the Canadian, Ukrainian, EU and Hellenic aerospace and marine technology , advance manufacturing and academic sectors focusing on innovation, R&D, manufacturing etc. and following EU climate neutrality directives and the EU new industrial policy.

TIASI has cluster members in Ukraine and full knowledge of the industries that should become integral part of Ukraine’s strategic plan for post war recovery in collaboration with Hellenic stakeholders and the Greek Government

2) Sustain Ukraine (presentation is attached)

3) CUCC – a member-driven business association promoting trade and investment opportunities among members in Canada and Ukraine, and foster cooperation between Canadian and Ukrainian public and private stakeholders.

4) Ometria – Presentation is attached.

And the last, but not the least point of discussion was the FACILITATION OF CREATION OF THE INTERGOVERNMENTAL COMMITTEE – in a mid term prospective while preconditions are created, which are as follows:

Greeks were of the first nation which inhabited territory of modern Ukraine since the ancient times. Being a sea power, Greece established their settlements across the sea coast at the territory of Crimea and then as a result of forceful assimilation carried out by the Russian Empire and then by the Soviet Union many ethnic Greeks were displaced to the territories of nowadays Donetsk oblast (according to the census of 2001 around 77 thousand people), Zaporishia, Luhansk and Odessa oblasts. To date the Greek diaspora in Ukraine is estimated at the level of 125 000 persons. Following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, many diaspora Greeks were killed by Russian airstrikes near and in the city of Mariupol. In the village of Sartana, outside Mariupol, two diaspora Greeks were killed by Russian airstrikes. Following the Mariupol hospital airstrike, the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of the Hellenic Republic tweeted on 18 March 2022:

“Greece is ready to rebuild the maternity hospital in Mariupol, the center of the Greek minority in Ukraine, a city dear to our hearts and symbol of the barbarity of the war.”

However, the recent developments showed that the city of Mariupol and few other villages were severe damaged, occupied by the Russian aggressor and will not be rebuilt in the nearest future.

That is why creation and activity of the INTERGOVERNMENTAL COMMITEE can be focused in few spheres where mutual efforts would be beneficial for the Greek diaspora support and increase of trade and economic relations between the countries.

There is strength in unity. We look forward to the further development of the project and will keep you updated on the progress.

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