The Ukrainian Maritime Cluster started strategic partnership and cooperation with GREEK CHALLENGE and participation in TIASI
The Ukrainian Maritime Cluster started strategic partnership and cooperation with GREEK CHALLENGE and participation in TIASI.

TIASI is an Innovation and Aerospace Supercluster Initiative which promotes collaboration between Canada, EU and Ukraine. It is a Canadian led international collaboration and investment platform (Meta Cluster) for the Canadian, Ukrainian and Hellenic aerospace and marine technology, advance manufacturing and academic sectors focusing in innovation and R&D. UMC and Ukrainian marine industry stakeholder support and participation in TIASI will significantly increase growth in Canada, Ukraine, EU and globally as well increase direct foreign investment to Ukrainian partners by participating in projects in the following sectors: R & D, Aerospace & advanced manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Energy infrastructure and tooling (e.g. oil & gas), 3D printing, Education & Training, Marketing & PR.

The objective of this initiative is to strengthen cooperation and simplify funding access for Canadian, Ukrainian and European SME’s in aerospace and innovative sectors such as marine industry, advanced manufacturing etc.

Situation in the world required acceleration in implementation of innovations in many industries including aerospace, energy, environment protection, education and others. The EU and Canada is funding innovations through post pandemic recovery funds and other programs. Last year’s aerospace industry in one of the boosting industries in the world and Ukrainian experience which develops technologies and produces both aircrafts and space rockets with Canadian and EU stakeholders would be beneficial for enhancing the competitiveness of all parties. TIASI joins such stakeholders and SME’s in both aerospace and innovative industries and allows access to funding through the EU and other sources of financing for implementation of the new innovative technologies.

You can acquaint with the main objectives of cooperation, which are as follows:

  • 1. Implementation of joint scientific and technical projects in the field of aerospace technology, marine industry, mechanical engineering, power engineering, biomedicine, IT, as well as other areas of interest to the Parties.
  • 2. Commercialization of research results.
  • 3. Establishment of joint research and development and training laboratories.
  • 4. Opening contact or representative office(s) of Ukrainian members in the European Union and/or Canada in cooperation with other TIASI members (private, public, association, etc.).
  • 5. Attracting investments for the implementation of scientific, technical and academic projects.
  • 6. Implementation of joint educational projects and programs, as well as other areas of interest to the Parties, subject to compliance with all requirements of current legislation of the Parties.
  • 7. Systematic exchange of academic and professional staff and PhD students studying in partner institutions, engaged in research, in order to create agreed curricula and other mutually beneficial joint ventures to be developed through TIASI led by GC and with the participation of TIASI members.
  • 8. Creation common Canadian – Greek – Ukrainian Innovation Technology Centre(s).
  • 9. Participation in Erasmus programs.
  • 10. Opening joint Programmes for receiving scientific degrees and academic positions.
If you would like to be considered you below some participating rules:
  • 1. To the extent it is possible programs between the Parties through TIASI shall be based on the principle of reciprocity in academic matters and shall follow the TIASI guidelines and other EU directives in accordance with the project requirements.
  • 2. All projects via TIASI will be branded with TIASI and GC logo accordingly.
  • 3. Membership in TIASI is free but members are obliged to submit minimum one project per year as project leaders and could participate in any other TIASI project.
  • 4. TIASI model is Triple Helix + 1. Academia, Industry, Government + EU and follows EU and Canadian directives.
  • 5. Модель TIASI – це Triple Helix + 1. Навчальний заклад, промисловість, уряд + ЄС і відповідає директивам ЄС та Канади.
  • 6. Technology developed via TIASI and project results cannot be used against the territorial integrity of participating countries. Members should seize any such current activity of technology transfer or assistance to entities, institutions and/or governments that violate international law and/or pose threat to participating countries.

We look forward to your participation and project proposals.

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