The first forum of IAM clusters in Ukraine: details and results

On July 8-9, the first IAM Forum (Engineering – Automation – Mechanical Engineering) took place on the base of UMC in Mykolaiv within the #ClusteRISE project  with GIZ Ukraine project support, which brought together participants from the cluster movement of Ukraine of 4 regions – Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia. The purpose of the Forum was to share experiences 2020-21, outline best practices, growth zones, as well as discuss common development issues, including cluster membership, the path of “export – internationalization – fundraising”, proposals for cooperation and their discussion.

The event was held for 2 days in MDEM. As Oleksandr Yurchak, moderator of the event, General Director of APPAU noted, the guests were pleasantly surprised by MDEM “Marine Design Engineering Mykolayiv” as a “face” of the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster. The factors are a hospitable reception in the office, good organization and logistics, and most importantly is the western culture of the company (MDEM is a branch of the Dutch concern DAMEN).

We don’t seem to be in Ukraine

– ” says Oksana Sytnyk, who knows “along and across” Ukraine’s industrial and engineering companies in all regions.
Also Oleksandr Yurchak made a presentation “Priority areas for the development of innovative ecosystems in the industry.” The speaker described the state of high-tech sectors, clusters as a driver of economic development of the regions, observed key challenges and solutions for organizations participating in IAM clusters.


Olena Zhukova, Acting Director of the PU “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster”, told the audience about the organization, its mission, structure, participants and activity report. Olena stressed that the UMC is an effective tool for consolidation with stakeholders interested in the industry growth, exchanging knowledge, information and resources in order to develop the relevant ecosystem. Of course, despite the desire to attract to UMC as many industry participants as possible, it is necessary to be aware of the realities and use every opportunity to strengthen its position. Therefore, an acquaintance with the participants of IAM clusters of Ukraine, who follow the course Industry 4.0 and have the baggage of cluster experience is a great chance for the UMC to get rich ideas and comprehend new horizons.

Kharkiv IAM cluster was represented by Zaitsev V.Ye. (General Director of the Kharkiv Cluster IAM, Rector of the Kharkiv University of Technology “STEP”), Haievskyi V.V. (Member of the Board of IAM Kharkiv Cluster, Director of LLС SPE RAILWAYAUTOMATIC), Sytnyk O.B. (Member of the Board of IAM Kharkiv Cluster, Director of PK INSTYTUTU UKRDIPROVAZHMASH) and Movchan I.O. (Director of Ukrainian Weighing Company LLC). The high technical level of the participants made a great impression on all participants, their presentation represented information on the Kharkiv region domains of smart specialization, ambitious activities and initiatives of the cluster, an eloquent list of activities.

IAM Forum participants

Zaporizhzhya IAM cluster was represented by a large delegation of 8 participants: Nahorna K.O. (Head of DOW and IR of Zaporizhzhya CCI), Bashchevanzhy V.V. (Director of ROLL GRAND LLC), Mysov V.B. (Director of LLC “BLYSK METAL SERVIS PRO”), Karpenko A.V. (Director of Zaporizhzhya IAM Cluster), Kochniev Ye.V. (Director of LIZMARK LLC), Kalinin D.Yu. (PE “YuzhTransPolisPlus”), Lypov R.V. (PSPCE “Assol”, Head of Sales) and Mishyn F.M. (LLC “Zelenyi Hai”). The delegation presented to the audience the project idea of ​​developing the internationalization of the Zaporizhia IAM cluster, the main expectations and issues, key activities, as well as the expected quantitative and qualitative results. According to Oleksandr Yurchak, “features of Zaporizhzhya  are strong and friendly board, powerful support from the CCI, real grassroots, organic self-organization, high activity in networking, which together sets a good dynamics of development.”

It is worth noting the active participation of the Business Support Center in Mykolayiv (Vashchylenko A.M. – BSC, Chairman of UMC Supervisory Board and Raku O.M. – BSC, UMC project manager), Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nagorna K.O.) and APPAU (Yurchak O.V.). Their presentations once again emphasizes the crucial importance of strong, efficient, reliable local partners for clusters.”

The forum participants made a tour of MDEM as part of the event, organized by S.L. Seleznov, Head of MDEM Engineering Services Department. The multiservice company impressed the audience with the level of engineering and design culture, being digital and working on the latest CAD in innovative EU projects. Guests also visited the Mykolaiv Shipyard “Ocean”, which is one of the three largest shipyards in Ukraine, where Symutenkov I.V., chief technologist of SP “OCEAN”, hospitably conducted an excursion.

In addition to informative meetings, the participants of the event had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Mykolayiv region on board a passenger catamaran in the company of co-thinkers.

As the moderator of the meeting Yurchak O.V. summed up, “the impressions are strong and positive for all participants – the 1st IAM cluster forum immediately proved the need for meetings of Ukrainian industry-related clusters. It is good news for all supporters of the IAM concept – it means that I-A-M really has good growth prospects – the “soil” for this grain is really fertile for us and the fruits will be soon.”



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