Sharing a sustainable future: the economics of the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster
ROUND TABLE May 28, 2021, Mykolaiv

The event was organized by Team Europe Mykolaiv with the support of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, EuroQuiz, Ukrainian Maritime Cluster, Mykolaiv Regional Business Support Center within the framework of the European Maritime Days 2021.

The aim of the round table is to unite the key market players, central and local authorities, consolidate their efforts and joint actions in order to support the development of Ukraine’s maritime industry, as well as to intensify Ukraine’s activities in the European Maritime Community. The objectives of the round table are to raise the problem of the maritime sector development and its importance in the sustainable economy development, to support the strategic sector of regional economic development, to unite and consolidate the efforts and joint actions of the regional maritime community.

  • Date:28/05/2021
  • Location:Online

Key market trends, policies and best practices of the European Union related to the sustainable development of clusters will be covered on the event.

The event will provide an opportunity to identify key priorities and measures for further development of the industry at both national and international levels, as well as to discuss issues of internal cooperation, integration into global value chains and sustainable innovation as its main prerequisites. Within the round table will be also discussed the next issues: the prospects of cluster activities, economic drivers of the maritime cluster, technological and scientific results, prospects for developing new technologies for industry, attracting large technology companies and connecting local companies to the value systems of the European maritime community.

Several directions of discussion are planned during the meeting:
  1. International cooperation for mutually beneficial partnership and the maritime industry development.
  2. The role of the Maritime Cluster of Ukraine in the functioning and development of the maritime industry in general.
  3. EU Blue Economy Report 2021: implementation of innovations in the maritime sector.
  4. SKILLS AND EDUCATION: best practices in EU education and industry policy. Effective practices of improving the quality of young people training for the proper functioning of the industry providing.
  5. Strategy of the maritime industry in Ukraine development.

Participants of the meeting: chiefs and managers of companies working in the field of shipbuilding, ship repair, design, maintenance of yachts and small vessels, trade, ship freight, coastal services, marina services, marinas, crewing, rental, as well as representatives of central and local authorities with the involvement of European maritime community representatives.

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