An intercluster conference for entrepreneurs in Vinnytsia was held by the “Ukrainian Cluster Alliance” together with the Vinnytsia Instrumentation Cluster as part of the international cooperation program #EU4Business, funded by the EU and the German government. The topic of the event was “Regional cluster initiatives”.

The Ukrainian Maritime Cluster has been a member of the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance since March 2022 and actively participates in its activities. Therefore, Artem Vashchylenko, the Chairman of the UMC Supervisory Board, took part in this inter-cluster conference and gave a speech on the topic “High-tech sectors internationalization”.

“Currently, the segments covered and planned to be covered by UMC in the near future are marine equipment suppliers, shipbuilding and ship repair, sea and river ports, engineering and RDI, education and science, Navy services and IT, shipping, suppliers of marine equipment and power. A clear understanding of the needs and involvement of ship owners and, accordingly, port infrastructure operators is necessary to cover fully the interests of the industry. In order to be effective, including the internationalization direction, we have to form a clear resource. We have for this an executive directorate with an administrative unit and project managers who work directly on the projects that we implement. UMC is a member of such international organizations as SEA Europe, European Boating Industry (EBI), European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC), signed memoranda with the Polish Maritime Technology Forum (PMTF) and TIASI. In September, we took part in the European Shipping Summit. During this event, in particular, a common maritime agenda was formed. And we, as a member of state and a representative of the maritime industry, must be fully involved in this context, understand the trends and the way we are moving together with our European partners. Direct contact and personal participation in events are very important. This is exactly the direct communication and European integration. It is also necessary to have and to conduct the own communication event. For Ukraine and for the maritime industry, this is the European Maritime Day, which is part of the annual European Maritime Day. Since 2018, Ukraine has been holding the “European Maritime Day in my country” (EMD in my country), represented by our team. It is a powerful platform and opportunity for communication, direct access to European maritime associations. For example, the agreement on membership in the European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC) was concluded during this event,” the speaker informed.
We can summarize and conclude that the internationalization of high-tech industries facilitates access to new markets and increases the global volume of trade and cooperation. International expansion helps companies in the high-tech sector to innovate and increase competitiveness through access to the global market. Internationalization contributes to the creation of international technological clusters that jointly develop industry.

An important element is also the process of international knowledge and technologies exchange in high-tech sectors. It contributes to the global cooperation development and the global challenges solution. Internationalization can lead to risks related to cultural, legal and market differences that require careful analysis and strategic planning.

Also, during the event, there were presentations by cluster leaders on the experience of working in regions and a presentation of UCA services; panel discussions on the topics of best practices of Cluster business management, ways of transforming the company’s branches; ways of rebuilding the economy of Ukraine with the help of programs of sustainable development and cluster movement; signing of the Memorandum on the development of the ecosystem of the innovation and technology park “Krystal” for the joint growth of the technological industry in Vinnytsia and the innovative economy in the region.

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