Ukrainian Maritime Cluster continues active European integration

Ukrainian Maritime Cluster (PU “UMC”) becomes the connection point for entire maritime sector that links with other players, global and national policy makers, and maritime organizations.

During the last week, the leaders of the Cluster participated in the meetings of influential European maritime organizations, namely SEA Europe, European Boating Industries (EBI) and European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC).

On June 15-16, Olena Zhukova Executive Director PU “UMC” took part in the SEA Europe meeting in Naples (Italy). During which, in particular, discussing naval priorities for coming years in a challenging world.

On June 21, a meeting of the General Assembly of European Boating Industries was held, during which the decision on the membership of the PU “UMC” to the organization was agreed.

– It is a great honor to join the European Boating Industries, we express our gratitude for the support and further fruitful cooperation, – emphasized Artem Vashchylenko.

On June 22, Artem Vashchylenko, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the PU “UMC” and Olena Zhukova were invited to participate in the meeting of the European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC). Currently, a potential possibility of membership in this organization is being considered.

“The UMC’s inclusion in ENMC is an important step in the process of Ukraine’s European integration. It’s opportunity to form a common agenda for the development of the maritime industry, tools for communication with partners, joint projects and programmes. One of the areas we are discussing with our partners is the possibility of restoring the maritime industry,” – said Artem Vashchylenko.


“Participation in international maritime organisations provides access to the exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices with other countries. This allows us to use international experience to improve the national maritime industry, introduce the latest technologies and innovative solutions. International experience allows us to study the best practices and standards applied in the field of maritime transport, ship design, port operations and coastal infrastructure. This helps to improve the quality of work and services, as well as ensure safety in the maritime space,” – said Olena Zhukova.

Ukrainian Maritime Cluster is consistently implementing key steps towards European integration. Support for global integration and growth of international competitiveness of cluster members has been and remains a priority.

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