4BIZ workshop for analysis of the final country reports

4BIZ Project Consortium, which includes 9 project partners and 17 associated partners from Romania, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Türkiye, Georgia and Ukraine, together with their stakeholders, plan to develop a unique set of activities to support SMEs and start-ups specialized on Fisheries and Aquaculture, Coastal and Maritime tourism and Maritime transport that is covering all the signatory states of the CMA.

– In the last month, we have reached an important milestone that consisted on the accomplishment of the mapping process of the current status of the Blue Business sectors and the drafting of the Country Reports regarding the Blue Business sectors in Romania, Bulgaria, Türkiye, Georgia and Ukraine. At present, we are distributing the Country Reports to different authorities at national level and today, on March 17th, 2023, we are organized the 4BIZ Workshop for the Analysis of the final Country Reports. – Prof. Dr. Eden MAMUT BSUN Secretary General and 4BIZ Project Coordinator.

According to the workplan of the 4BIZ project, the Country owing a methodology that consisted on the following steps: overview analysis of the Blue Business in the field of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Coastal and Maritime Tourism and Maritime Transport while focusing on a selected region of each country, establishment of a statistical assessment of target actors from each region, online and in-person interviews, Data processing, synthesis of the results and drafting of the Country Reports.

You will find more details about the content of the reports in the following publications on the website.


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