UMC presented the results of the project “Integration of Ukraine into the European Maritime Community”

On January 11, an intercluster meeting was held at which the results of the project Integration of Ukraine into the European Community were presented, including with the participation of the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster (UMC)

Olha Raku, the project portfolio manager of PU “UMC” thanked the organizers for the opportunity to participate in this grant project and shared the achieved results.

It was noted that since the beginning of the project implementation, the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster has set ambitious goals, namely:

  • to hold the European Maritime Day 2023 in Ukraine in the format of the online conference “Integration of Ukraine into the European Maritime Community”;
  • to organize and hold high-level meetings with the executive team of SEA Europe, to study the experience of representing and lobbying the interests of the industry in European institutions and to discuss the potential of Ukraine’s involvement in the maritime agenda.
  • take part in the European Shipping Summit international conference with the representation of the interests of the maritime industry by the UMC delegation;
  • to introduce the Ukrainian maritime community to EUROPORT 2023.

Having set a goal, outlined the necessary tasks for its implementation, step by step the PU “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster” implemented this plan from May to November 2023.

During the project implementation period, official visits were made to SEA Europe, European Boating Industry (EBI), European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC) to strengthen relations with key European industry associations.

In the fall, Artem Vashchylenko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Olena Zhukova, Executive director of the PU “UMC”, took part in the European Shipping Summit, representing the interests of the maritime industry of Ukraine. The two-day event included industry sessions, networking opportunities and high-level dialogues with European and international politicians, regulators and stakeholders.

An important result of the implementation of the project was the organization of the Ukrainian pavilion “Ahead with Ukraine” at the international maritime technology and shipbuilding exhibition EUROPORT 2023, which was held in the world port city of Rotterdam (Netherlands). The Ukrainian stand represented the maritime industry of Ukraine, including shipyards and ship repair specialists, service providers, marine equipment manufacturers and engineering offices, project organizations, innovative companies and educational institutions.

In general, in order to ensure the stability of the obtained results, the following steps were taken:
Maintaining and expanding relationships with key industry associations.
Strengthening of international cooperation.
Participation in international events.
Development of information materials about the maritime industry.
Development of video materials about the maritime industry of Ukraine.
Collaborate with government and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies and policies aimed at the sustainability and development of the maritime industry.

It is worth noting that cooperation with SEA Europe actively continues even after the completion of the project. Thus, the meeting of UMC member companies with the leadership of SEA Europe and GICAN became a catalyst for the involvement of maritime industry companies in the implementation of the triple helix approach (cooperation between the government, business and academic institutions) in Ukraine, which allows creating favorable conditions for the development of the maritime industry, joining forces stakeholders and stimulate the introduction of advanced technologies and the development of new markets.

The project “Integration of Ukraine into the European Maritime Community” is being implemented within the grant call of proposals for the systemic support of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, commissioned by the international cooperation programme “EU4Business: SME Recovery, Competitiveness and Internationalisation”, which is co-financed by the European Union and the German Government. The grant call of proposals is implemented by the Business Development Fund, the strategic implementer is the German federal company “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH”. The programme aims to support Ukraine’s economic resilience, recovery and growth, create better conditions for the development of Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as support innovation and exports. Read more:

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