The interest of European business in the recovery of the Ukrainian shipbuilding

Maritime development priorities: the European context

On November 7, a strategic session, “Maritime Development Priorities: European Context” was held in Mykolayiv with the support of Marine Design Engineering Mykolayiv LLC (MDEM), Mykolayiv Business Support Center, Associations Ukrsudprom and APPAU. The event was organized to determine priorities for the industry evolution and develop proposals to the Secretary-General of SEA Europe, who will visit Mykolaiv on November 14-15.

SEA Europe is an association of shipyards and marine equipment manufacturers in Europe that aims to support and engage associate participants in the global market. The Secretary-General’s visit suggests the growing interest of European business in restoring shipbuilding in Ukraine. Chiefs of Marine Design Engineering Mykolayiv LLC and C-Job Nikolayev, which are integrated into international shipbuilding cooperation for a long time, confirmed this during the strategic session. The speakers emphasized that foreign investors have been studying the possibility of building civilian and naval ships in Ukraine over the years. Still, the critical point in this process is the constructive readiness of domestic entrepreneurs for such cooperation and, most importantly, the country’s business climate, the legal framework that will contribute to that, and a transparent state program for the maritime industry development.

Substantially all the speakers of the session emphasized the priority of the internal plan. The government should make efforts to promote the transport, maritime and port industries, which, in turn, will lead to an increase of orders in shipbuilding. However, the involvement of SEA Europe in solving these issues also makes sense, given the ability of European structures to lobby for positive changes in Ukrainian legislation. We will all benefit from such cooperation.

Key participants of the Mykolaiv Shipbuilding and Maritime Cluster attended the event – representatives of “Nibulon” JV LLC, Shipyard “Ocean”, multiservice company MDEM and Design Bureau C-Job Nikolayev, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Design Bureau ProLINE, “Delta-lotsman” branch of GP “Administration of Seaports Ukraine” (AMPU) and others. Joint efforts, interaction, and cooperation in this process are determinants of successful solutions to the problem.

The strategic session was divided into three stages. In the preambular part, tasks were outlined, and a general overview of the situation in the maritime sector of Ukraine was made. Then round tables of several working groups were conducted on production, engineering services, etc., to develop specific proposals for guests. Then participants summarized the results in the final part of the event. In general, today’s meeting’s main task is to prepare for the visit of SEA Europe representatives in such a way as to show them our potential in the best possible way, encourage efficient cooperation, and use this opportunity to revive our shipbuilding.

The source: Facebook page «Mykolaiv – the city of shipbuilders»

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