Cooperation of enterprises can significantly improve the outcome of solving problems

Development of innovative ecosystems of industrial high-tech

On the 13th of September, a round table discussion, “Development of innovative ecosystems of industrial high-tech” was organized in Mykolaiv. Participants discussed the newest methods of ship design, the state of the world shipbuilding market, Mykolaiv enterprises’ position on it, and the further development of the Marine Services Cluster of the city. MDEM, in collaboration with Mykolaiv Regional Business Support Center and with the support of the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine, organized the meeting.

The speakers were:
– Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine General Director O. Yurchak “INDUSTRY 4.0. Regional and cluster initiatives.”
– C-Job Chairman, prof. Y. Zhukov “Digital Shipbuilding: Myths and Reality”
S. Seleznev, MDEM, “NAVAIS Project as a Driver of Design Innovation”
– C.T.S., Prof., M. Fateev (NUOS) and Executive Director of SSK “Mykolaiv Shipyard” S. Pokui “Organization of a regional cluster of shipbuilding and ship repair.”
– D.E.S., Prof. V. Parsyak (NUOS) “Cluster as an effective form of pooling the potentials of marine economies.”

The event gathered people of high expertise, with significant personal and corporate success, who can create a new reality – to attract investment, raise businesses, conduct research, design modern ships and vessels, and develop new technologies. Participants emphasized several problems that hinder the development of shipbuilding today and discussed ways to overcome them.

During the discussion, it was repeatedly stated that European companies are already interested in relocating production to Ukraine and are actively exploring our country’s potential. One of the round table’s main tasks was to work out concrete steps to respond adequately to the opportunities that are currently opening up. The further development of the Shipbuilding Cluster of Mykolaiv will be one of the tools to deal with these issues, as cooperation and coordination of several enterprises’ actions can significantly improve the quality of solutions. It was also agreed to compile a specific list of proposals for a meeting with representatives of the Association of European Shipbuilders, who will visit Mykolaiv in November 2019.

The source: Facebook page ┬źMykolaiv – the city of shipbuilders┬╗

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