Become an ambassador of Mykolaiv city!

As part of the EU4Business program, funded by the European Union and the German government, the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster launching the project “Ambassadors of Mykolaiv”. Mykolaiv SMEs representing the maritime industry are invited to participate.

Public union “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster” (hereinafter “UMC”/Ukrainian Maritime Cluster) plays an important role in promoting effective business integration and establishing connections with European and world markets for Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) both in the maritime sector, as well as in other industries. To support entrepreneurs, the Cluster implements a number of projects. In the fall of 2023, the regional project “Ambassadors of Mykolaiv city” will be launched for maritime industry entrepreneurs.

The main task of the project “Ambassadors of Mykolaiv city” is to support and promote SMEs of Mykolaiv, representing the maritime industry, through attracting new opportunities, financing, developing trade/export skills, promoting their development and improving the reputation of the city as an important maritime center of Ukraine.

To implement this task, the “UMC”, together with the GIZ team and the Mykolaiv City Council, will create a delegation of 10 enterprises under the name “Ambassadors of Mykolaiv city” to obtain and implement practical knowledge regarding trade/export skills, marketing components, conducting B2B meetings, etc.

Having taken part in the project, the selected participants:

– will be able to participate in a series of profile webinars aimed at developing trade/export skills;
– receive individual consultations from leading industry experts on export strategy, marketing, trade/export skills, team development, etc.;
– information about the company will be placed in the information catalog aimed at foreign companies that will be involved in negotiations with Mykolaiv companies during B2B meetings;
– take part in a study trip to one of the EU countries or candidate countries for joining the EU.

Criteria for SME selection. The targeted up to 10 companies are defined as follows:

• The company is a registered in entity in Mykolaiv or under Ukrainian law

• At least 51% of the company’s beneficiaries are Ukrainian citizens

• The company has 5-100 registered employees

• The company has the products ready to export but not yet fully ready to penetrate international markets (e.g., due to a lack of online and offline marketing) OR has some first exporting experience but unable to use their full exporting potential (e.g., due to a lack of export marketing skills and/or experience)

• The company does not operate or has its subsidiaries in the Russian Federation and/or Belarus and other countries in sanction list

• The company, it’s owner’s and final beneficiaries are not in EU and Ukrainian sanction lists

• The company is not in the process of termination or bankruptcy, is not bankrupt and has no tax debts.

• The company specializes in the marine industry and operates in one of the following sectors:
– Design, engineering, development and research of ships and floating structures, engineering, technical and/or management support for construction and operation of water objects, provision of professional services for enterprises of the maritime complex.
– Manufacture of various types of marine vessels, including cargo vessels, tankers, container ships, fishing vessels, passenger vessels, floating drilling rigs, yachts, boats, jet skis and other water vehicles.
– Manufacture and supply of equipment for seaports, including crane systems, mooring installations, safety and navigation systems, cargo lifting and handling systems, cargo storage and handling systems, etc.
– Carrying out repair and maintenance work on marine vessels, including repair of the hull, engines, power supply and automation systems, heating and air conditioning systems, water supply and sewage systems, fire extinguishing and security systems, etc.
– Provision of marine transport services, including transportation of cargo, passengers, fishing, research and scientific expeditions, geological exploration, search and rescue operations, towing and pushing of ships, pilotage and towing in seaports, etc.

If you are confident in your abilities and meet the specified criteria, fill out the participation form and wait for feedback.

WARNING! The deadline for providing information is limited to September 28.

For additional information, please contact the communications manager of the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster o Natalia Mamarina +38 067 512 1963 or email

Reference information:
The international cooperation program “EU4Business: recovery, competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs” is jointly financed by the European Union and the German government and is implemented by the German federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
The program is aimed at supporting economic stability, recovery and growth of Ukraine, creating better conditions for the development of Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as supporting innovation and exports.

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