A Memorandum of Cooperation between the PU”Ukrainian Maritime Cluster” and the State Enterprise “Classification Society Shipping Register of Ukraine” was signed

On May 11, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Public Union “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster ” in the person of Olena Zhukova, executive director of the union, and the State Enterprise “Classification Society Shipping Register of Ukraine” in the person of Serhiy Gurskyi, acting general director. The purpose of concluding this agreement is to consolidate the efforts of the parties aimed at the initiation and implementation of joint projects, participation in cooperation, development of joint scientific and technical and research programs in the maritime, water and other spheres of interest in accordance with the sphere of activity of each of the parties.

“The signing of this document is an important step for the comprehensive support of the maritime industry, because the Public Union “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster” acts as a link connecting the entire maritime sector with other industry players, global and national regulatory bodies, policy makers and maritime organizations “, – said Olena Zhukova.

And she also informed that during the General Meeting of the Union, which will be held at the end of May, the structure of the administration and management bodies of the “Ukrainian Maritime Cluster”  will be presented for review and approval, outlined the need to amend the Union’s Charter, re-elect the members of the Supervisory Board and increase the number of its members in order to expand the segments of cluster activity and introduce new directions and committees.

The Chairman and permanent member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster Artem Vashchylenko noted that the union understands the prospects for the development of the cluster and cluster organizations of Ukraine and Europe in general, and therefore the initiation of systemic changes in the business environment, their consolidation is an important element of the formation of Industry 5.0, namely: full integration with the green course leading to better sustainability, blue and circular economy, improving the resilience of value chains and ecosystems to new shocks, whatever their sources (pandemics, natural disasters, geo-political changes, regional wars etc).

“Implementation of the large-scale projects of the Cluster and the efficiency of its work are impossible without the active participation of the industry players themselves, therefore I welcome the signing of this Memorandum and look forward to joint active work in the direction of the development of the marine industries of Ukraine,” said Artem Vashchylenko.



SE “Shipping Register of Ukraine” is a national classification society that carries out technical supervision in the spheres of sea and inland water transport and shipping and carries out:

– classification of sea vessels, inland waterway vessels, small vessels and jet skis;

– carries out technical supervision of sea vessels, inland navigation vessels, small vessels and jet skis in accordance with the procedure established by law;

– definition of areas and conditions of navigation of vessels;

– keeping records of vessels subject to technical supervision, maintaining the Register Book of vessels;

– technical supervision of mooring facilities, operational water areas of mooring facilities, other hydrotechnical facilities of inland waterways and seaports, measuring works on sea and inland waterways, in the water areas of seaports;

– certification of vessels, shipping companies, shore facilities of sea and inland water transport in accordance with the procedure established by law;

– approval of project documents for shipbuilding, ship repair and technical operation of ships;

– publication of instructions and informational materials on the technical operation of ships, coastal facilities of sea and inland water transport.

The tasks and functions of the Shipping Register of Ukraine  are determined by the Regulation on the Shipping Register of Ukraine, which was approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 06/08/1998 No. 814.

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