Cluster Policies, Digitalization of Industrial SMEs, Development of Industrial Ecosystems – Ukrainian Cluster Week 2021

The life of the Industry4Ukraine cluster community is full of events and the most significant one will take place from April 26 to April 28 – “Digitalization of industrial SMEs Ukrainian Cluster Week 2021”. The main goal of the event is to start a regular exchange of the cluster development with fifteen clusters from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The initiator of event is the business community of Ukraine with the support of GIZ-Ukraine, Marine Design Service, Mykolayiv Regional Business Support Center. Event organizers are: Industry4Ukraine Platform, Cluster committee and APPAU.

Digitalization of industrial sectors, innovations, as well as international cooperation are key topics on the agenda of existing clusters of Ukraine development. First of all, new clusters are looking for opportunities to cooperate with their close neighbors, such as the countries of the Eastern Partnership, the Baltics and Eastern Europe

The event goals and objectives are:

  1. Sharing the best experience between clusters in digitalization of industrial sectors
  2. Internationalization preparation for new clusters
  3. Synchronization with ECCP directions such as digital transition, smart-specialization, industrial ecosystems as well as cluster policies improvements

The event will take place online and will cover the following topics:

  • April 26 – Cluster policies in Eastern Europe and EaP
  • April 27 – Digitalization of industrial SMEs
  • April 28 – Development of industrial ecosystems

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Digitalization of industrial SMEs

  • Date:26/04/2021
  • Location:Online

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