BLUE SUMMIT: Strategic Revitalization of Mykolaiv through Sustainable Development and the Blue Economy


Mykolaiv faces the challenge of rebuilding and reimagining its future within the framework of sustainable development and the blue economy. Considering both global and local challenges, the city is presented with unique opportunities for the integration of innovative technologies, sustainable management, and environmental awareness into the foundation of urban development.

The BLUE SUMMIT aims to unite representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises, local government bodies, the academic
community, and the public of Mykolaiv to promote and further develop the blue and green economies. The event is focused on stimulating innovation, exchanging experiences and best practices, and forming strategies for collaboration towards a sustainable future for the city of Mykolaiv!

Key Topics for Discussion:
1. Fundamental Principles and Objectives of the Blue Economy: key aspects of the blue economy, its role in the sustainable development of the city, and its impact on the local community.
2. Innovations and Technologies in the Blue Economy.
3. Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Development.
4. Economic and Social Aspects of the Blue Economy: economic benefits and social impacts that the blue economy can bring to Mykolaiv.
5. Education and Skill Development: needs for retraining and education to prepare the workforce for working under the new conditions of the blue economy.
6. The Role of the Academic Community and Scientific Research in the Development of the Blue Economy and Sustainable Technologies.
7. Experience Sharing with International Partners and Adapting Successful Global Practices to Local Conditions.
8. Strategies for Attracting Investments in Blue Economy Projects and Sustainable Development.

Strategic recovery of Mykolaiv through sustainable development and the blue economy is a crucial step in ensuring a sustainable and innovative future for the city. This process involves the integration of key stakeholder groups such as local government representatives, business communities, expert public, academic circles, as well as national and international experts in sustainable development. The path to successful strategic recovery requires a comprehensive approach based on modern management practices, innovative technologies, and a balanced consideration of social, economic, and environmental aspects. It is important to emphasize that the successful implementation of a sustainable development strategy requires the collective efforts and partnership of all stakeholders. Promoting and integrating the concept and principles of the blue economy into the economic, social, and cultural life of the city at all levels is a key step in the realization of the sustainable development strategy. Mykolaiv can become a model of an innovative and environmentally conscious city that meets contemporary requirements and contributes to the sustainable development of the nation. Stakeholder interaction and partnership in this direction are key elements of the successful implementation of this strategy.

Join on Zoom:
BLUE SUMMIT: Strategic Revitalization of Mykolaiv through Sustainable Development and the Blue Economy

  • Date:14/05/2024
  • Location:offline-online

The project is implemented within the framework of the Mayors for Economic Growth facility and supported by the Innovation Fund Project funded by the Kingdom of Denmark. The projects are implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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