Mykolaiv Polytechnic Vocational College
The center of professional education in the shipbuilding industry of Ukraine needs your help

The morning shelling of Mykolaiv on July 12 and July 15, 2022 caused significant damage to one of the best and oldest institutions of professional pre-higher education – Mykolaiv Polytechnic College (formerly Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Technical College). The shelling caused significant damage to the building: windows were broken, the roof was mutilated, and fragments of shells were scattered. ​

On the night of November 1, the occupiers shelled Mykolaiv ones again, damaging residential buildings, educational and medical facilities, one person was killed. Three rockets hit the Mykolaiv Polytechnic College, the four-story building of the college was destroyed and a fire was caused in the warehouse. ​

The staff of the Mykolaiv Polytechnic College and citizens of the city appeal to everyone for the restoration of the building, repair of damage, and preservation of the property of the educational institution with almost a hundred years of history, and will be grateful for any financial assistance. For the first requirement, a report on the exclusively targeted use of the aid will be provided.

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